Cremation Disposition Options

- Dignified, Courteous, and Caring -

Cremated remains may be placed in an urn.  The urn is then buried.  Regardless of where the burial takes place, the use of a cremation urn vault is usually recommended to prevent damage to the urn from the elements.  Many people bury a cremation urn on standard size burial plots or within family plots.  Some cemeteries have special plots set aside to accommodate cremated remains.

Inturnment is the placement of cremated remains in an urn of the family's choice.  That urn is then placed in a special shelter known as a columbarium.  Columbaria are usually located in cemeteries or memorial parks.  They may have covered fronts on cubicles that contain the urn.  Others may have glass fronts that allow the urn and other memorabilia, such as a photograph, to be displayed.

Some families have special places that house the cremated remains of their loved one. Decorative urns of high quality metal, cultured marble, ceramic or natural materials are used for this purpose.  In recent years, dividing the cremated remains among agreeing family members who retain them in individual miniature or token urns of their choice has become popular.

The decision to scatter a loved ones cremated remains is selected by some.  This scattering can be done in special cremation gardens, in private areas or at sea.  We would advise you to check your local regulations before scattering.  It is illegal to perform this scattering in most public areas.

Small amounts of cremated remains may be placed in specially designed jewelry to become keepsakes in honor of a loved one.